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Teenagers- You Can’t Live with Them and You Can’t Legally Strangle Them

Photo by Mary R. Vogt, courtesy of MorgueFile

I was waiting for a friend in front of the movie theatre Friday when a mid-sized blue car pulled up and deposited two teenagers at the curb- a boy and a girl. Mom waved them off with a “Have a good time. Enjoy the movie,” and drove off as the two kids went into the theatre.

About five minutes later (my friend was really running late), the two teenagers exited the building together with another girl.

“You guys are going to think my driving is crazy!” She tells the other two.
“No, it’ll be fine,” The boy replies.
“No really and my car is like a mess!”
The boy and the girl laugh and the second girl joins in.
“Ok,” says girl number one to the boy she arrived with, “We’ll cut this ticket in half,” she produces a ticket from her pocket, “and you can have half and I’ll have half, so we’ll each have a ticket stub.”
“Cool,” says the boy.

The three kids pile into a car and back up just in time for my friend to take the space they vacated. I smile, really grateful at the moment that I don’t have kids. Silly mom, she thought they were going to a movie. I chuckle and wonder where they are going and what they will be doing. Will they go to a party? Smoke a little dope? Hang out with a group from the wrong side of the tracks? Meet up with boyfriends/girlfriend and have wild, hot sex? Will they use protection (Egads!)?

I wonder if they know that if they were another species of animal, their chances of surviving to adulthood would be pretty slim. Think of all those teenaged squirrels who dare each other to cross the street and end up as road kill. How many teenaged gazelles become a lion’s most tasty friend because they don’t listen to their parents and stay with the herd? And think about all those slutty bitches (I am referring to female dogs here. That is the correct term.) who get pregnant too young and die popping puppies out?

Ok, well maybe not the last one, but still, teenagers act stupidly. It’s a good thing humans have set up such a safety net to rescue their offspring from their own silly actions. If only these human teenagers could be grateful for that, maybe they wouldn’t have such attitude. But then that would make them adults, not teenagers, wouldn’t it?

Youth is so wasted on the young.

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