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Perfect Poet Award for Week 34

Thanks Jingle for the award! In celebration, I offer a poem:

A Love Poem

Your softness sends shivers up my spine.

You promise me fulfillment

and sweet memories for days to come.

I anticipate you with every waking breath.

I ache with undying desire.

You are my love

and my dream,

oh coconut cream


Haha! What did you think I was talking about love between a man and a woman? Nah, I’m not that kind of poet. ūüôā

For Week 35, I nominate Fyodor Lewis

Rally on!

Drumroll, Please

The verdict is in.
I listened with no reaction as the nurse said,
“It’s benign.”
I hung up the phone and nonchalantly told my family and friends,
“I don’t have cancer.”
No emotion, little reaction, apart from a texted “Yea!”
But there are not enough smiles to express how I feel inside.


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December 9, 2010
“This is not normal. I’ll need to do a biopsy.”
A fear washes over me. Is it more cancer?

The doctor makes no promises.

I make my next appointment and leave the doctor’s office numb. The biopsy is Monday. The weekend looms before me.

On Friday the numbness gradually turns to fury. I try to contain it, but it slips out occasionally. I look for a distraction, but everyone is busy.  I take a sleeping pill and go to bed early. I just want the days to pass quickly. I need to know.

On Saturday I work. Depression sets in. I don’t call anyone. I don’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone.¬†I stare at Netflix all night, then go to bed.

Today is Sunday. The rage returns. I want to throw something, hit something, break something, whip my body around in a frenzy until I drop exhausted. I want to roar my pain.

Instead I stare mutely, looking for distraction.

Tomorrow is the biopsy.



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Slip in Time

I was waiting for your call to give me the number I needed.
But I never talked to you, how could I call?
We talked a week ago. I have it in my notes.
No that isn’t possible. I have been waiting for you
to return my call of last week.

I did return your call the same day last week.
But how is that possible? I would have remembered.
We didn’t talk. I know we didn’t.

It’s not a big deal. You can give me that number now.
Oh, but it is…a very big deal.
How does one forget an entire conversation?



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Eleven, or Maybe Twelve, Truths

The Truths (drumroll please):

  1. This list could change tomorrow. I’m fickle these days. (wait- is that two truths?)
  2. I am not the only odd duck in the pond (maybe I will grow up and discover I’m a swan:)).
  3. Photo courtesy of Gracey Stinson via Morgue Files

  4. If the cat’s allowed on the couch, so is the dog (No, not really, but try telling the dog that.)
  5. I am not as fragile as I have led myself to believe. I am also not as miserable or as lonely. Guess those are simply old habits I am shrugging off.
  6. Snow sucks after the first day, unless there’s enough to build a snowman.
  7. Photo courtesy of Morguefile

  8. My idea of a “Hot” guy has changed dramatically since I was 12 (don’t ask!).
  9. Then (Yawn).


  10. I am happiest when I do yoga/meditate and write.
  11. Courtesy of Morguefiles

  12. Sourdough is not my favorite bread.
  13. I have the attention span of a gnat lately (guess I should meditate on that).
  14. Some people see Jesus in toast. I see the devil in tomatoes:
  15. Tasty little devil.

  16. Sometimes you have to write lists to get motivated to write!


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