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Samson a.k.a Hitchhiker, Aug 2010 – April 6, 2011

Celebrating Mardi Gras

Last night Samson didn’t come home when I called him. I was busy making a pie, so I hadn’t paid much attention to his whereabouts, and didn’t look for him until almost 11 p.m. When he didn’t respond, I slipped on a pair of sneakers and headed out the door. I walked out the driveway to the street, and saw him, his mangled body lying in the road. He had been hit by a car.
No more purrs.
No more cuddling.
He will never again hit the other cats with surprise attacks as they come around the corner.
He will never crawl into the washer.

Or eat my salad
Or knock over plants


Today I buried him in the back yard.

All I have to show for my troubles are blistered hands and a broken heart.

I miss him.


Picture Gallery- Tamales from Start to Finish

I spent the day making traditional Mexican tamales. It took four hours of preparation and 2 hours of cooking. I now have delicious tamales to eat.


Great Marketing

I saw this at a hockey game and just had to take a picture.

What great marketing!

My year in pictures

January/February 2010:

March/April 2010:

May 2010:

June/July 2010:

August 2010:

September/October 2010:

November 2010:

December 2010:

All of the photos above are courtesy of morguefile.com

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Photo courtesy of morgueFile

December 9, 2010
“This is not normal. I’ll need to do a biopsy.”
A fear washes over me. Is it more cancer?

The doctor makes no promises.

I make my next appointment and leave the doctor’s office numb. The biopsy is Monday. The weekend looms before me.

On Friday the numbness gradually turns to fury. I try to contain it, but it slips out occasionally. I look for a distraction, but everyone is busy.  I take a sleeping pill and go to bed early. I just want the days to pass quickly. I need to know.

On Saturday I work. Depression sets in. I don’t call anyone. I don’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone. I stare at Netflix all night, then go to bed.

Today is Sunday. The rage returns. I want to throw something, hit something, break something, whip my body around in a frenzy until I drop exhausted. I want to roar my pain.

Instead I stare mutely, looking for distraction.

Tomorrow is the biopsy.



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Slip in Time

I was waiting for your call to give me the number I needed.
But I never talked to you, how could I call?
We talked a week ago. I have it in my notes.
No that isn’t possible. I have been waiting for you
to return my call of last week.

I did return your call the same day last week.
But how is that possible? I would have remembered.
We didn’t talk. I know we didn’t.

It’s not a big deal. You can give me that number now.
Oh, but it is…a very big deal.
How does one forget an entire conversation?



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Eleven, or Maybe Twelve, Truths

The Truths (drumroll please):

  1. This list could change tomorrow. I’m fickle these days. (wait- is that two truths?)
  2. I am not the only odd duck in the pond (maybe I will grow up and discover I’m a swan:)).
  3. Photo courtesy of Gracey Stinson via Morgue Files

  4. If the cat’s allowed on the couch, so is the dog (No, not really, but try telling the dog that.)
  5. I am not as fragile as I have led myself to believe. I am also not as miserable or as lonely. Guess those are simply old habits I am shrugging off.
  6. Snow sucks after the first day, unless there’s enough to build a snowman.
  7. Photo courtesy of Morguefile

  8. My idea of a “Hot” guy has changed dramatically since I was 12 (don’t ask!).
  9. Then (Yawn).


  10. I am happiest when I do yoga/meditate and write.
  11. Courtesy of Morguefiles

  12. Sourdough is not my favorite bread.
  13. I have the attention span of a gnat lately (guess I should meditate on that).
  14. Some people see Jesus in toast. I see the devil in tomatoes:
  15. Tasty little devil.

  16. Sometimes you have to write lists to get motivated to write!


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