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Dream World


Photo courtesy of morguefiles

The racing brain came to a grinding halt

at the edge of consciousness,

jostling the passengers inside.

Riders recomposed, shaking off a reverie

Collecting their belongings,

each one disembarked at the junction

between reality and dream,

marching off to their offices of creation

to begin the nightly tasks of fantasy.



©2010 frayedges and

Easier Navigation

There has been increasing interest in my cancer posts from several folks. To make navigation easier, I have subcategorized the archives of these posts in the order in which I originally posted them. They can be found under the categories to the right.

Picture Gallery- Tamales from Start to Finish

I spent the day making traditional Mexican tamales. It took four hours of preparation and 2 hours of cooking. I now have delicious tamales to eat.


Great Marketing

I saw this at a hockey game and just had to take a picture.

What great marketing!

Poet of 2010 Award

Check it out. I received the Poet of the Year Award for 2010. Congratulations to the other winners and runners-up. Thanks to all of you who voted for me. I feel really privileged. The recognition is nice. A special thanks as well to Jingle, who devotes hours of her time coordinating the Poets Rally and tallying votes. Jingle, you do a great job.

My prize: a gorgeous virtual car!

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