Eleven, or Maybe Twelve, Truths

The Truths (drumroll please):

  1. This list could change tomorrow. I’m fickle these days. (wait- is that two truths?)
  2. I am not the only odd duck in the pond (maybe I will grow up and discover I’m a swan:)).
  3. Photo courtesy of Gracey Stinson via Morgue Files

  4. If the cat’s allowed on the couch, so is the dog (No, not really, but try telling the dog that.)
  5. I am not as fragile as I have led myself to believe. I am also not as miserable or as lonely. Guess those are simply old habits I am shrugging off.
  6. Snow sucks after the first day, unless there’s enough to build a snowman.
  7. Photo courtesy of Morguefile

  8. My idea of a “Hot” guy has changed dramatically since I was 12 (don’t ask!).
  9. Then (Yawn).


  10. I am happiest when I do yoga/meditate and write.
  11. Courtesy of Morguefiles

  12. Sourdough is not my favorite bread.
  13. I have the attention span of a gnat lately (guess I should meditate on that).
  14. Some people see Jesus in toast. I see the devil in tomatoes:
  15. Tasty little devil.

  16. Sometimes you have to write lists to get motivated to write!


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