Loxahatchee 3 O’clock

This is a repost of a poem I initially put up when I started the blog, but then deleted when I decided not to do poetry (hehe). Thanks to Jingle, I am doing poetry again and I am submitting this poem for the Thursday Poetry Rally- Week 28.
Good luck to everyone!

Loxahatchee, 3 o’clock
My father’s anger whips around the room
With unrelenting verbal blows
And angry hands.
I glance outside the window
At the storm thundering its rage,
Lashing through the trees
Which offer no protection to the birds
That seek asylum within their leafy arms.
They get no reprieve
Until the storm is spent
And my daddy passes out
Upon the couch.

Loxahatchee, 5 o’clock
The walking catfish emerge from canals
To skip among puddles dotting the dirt road
Delighting in their new-found freedom
Basking in the sunshine.
I step outside
Into the oppressive humidity that threatens
To steal my breath,
Glad to be free, at least for now.
I play among the pine trees
Wishing I were someone else,
Somewhere else
Because I know,
Like the birds and the catfish know,
That tomorrow the storm will come again.

©2010 frayedges and http://www.frayedges.wordpress.com


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