Namaste Duck

I often get a visual of what a person would be if they were another species of animal. This is not me being mean or making fun of others, I love animals, after all, and don’t use them as insults. It just comes to me- a movement, a look, something the person does, and I am suddenly aware of the hidden creature, if you will.

Tonight I could not focus during my yoga class. The room was too cold and my brain was racing (I had had an epiphany, you see, but that is not the topic tonight). I closed my eyes to meditate with the others. The brain started wandering and my eyes opened. I looked at my instructor and instead saw a duck, a contemplative, meditative duck with closed eyes. The duck spoke, eyes remaining closed. I could not concentrate on what she said, though, because instead of my instructor’s voice, I heard Donald Duck. You know that little spluttering quack he sometimes makes in the old cartoons? That is what I heard.
The class ended.

“Namaste,” quacked Donald.
“Namaste,” I replied and smiled.

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5 responses to “Namaste Duck

  • Teresa

    I always thought of you as a cat; well groomed.finicky eater. likes naps..will purr and act social with someone you like (if the mood strikes you), but lots of hissing and scratching with someone you don’t. and of course, you love to play (again,if in the right mood) optional. lol
    As you well know, i myself am a cocker spaniel. (or quite possibly a cocker-mix) I have always been somewhat of a submissive tinkler..and othertimes a fear biter. My grooming is usually haphazard; I find that doing my hair and make-up is time consuming and doesn’t last long enough to be worth the trouble. I am friendly. Overly friendly. Unless you really,really like me, you may think that I am a bit too “in your face”. (I get very excited when I see someone I am fond of, especially if I haven’t seen them in awhile..)
    I will eat most anything.But not lima beans. I don’t like lima beans.
    Remember when we worked at the vet,and we always used to talk about what kind of pet someone was? Candi was a yorkie,remember? Guess what. She still is!!! She’s a bit more frufru now,but otherwise still the same. And you, the tough kittly with all the attitude scared the bejesus out of her! lol…..She still talks about your reaction the time she wore your blue rubber gloves!!! Oh what good times those were! I miss them sometimes…and not just because of Dr. J.!!!!
    I hope you’re doing well. I think about you often,but being a cocker-mix, I have a tendency to think about something and then not act on it…unless it runs from me.Then…..omg! I will sit at the base of a tree for days waiting for it to come down and play with me!!! (so sad,but
    By the way, I’m so glad to find that you have a blog! I always loved your letters from Mexico. This is perfect for you! Kudos! Talk to you later!

  • frayedges

    Haha! I forgot about Candi the Yorkie (not about Candi, but the Yorkie part)! I am definitely a cat, but I’ve also been told a bit like a bird. So maybe I’m a cross. 🙂 Good to hear from you.

  • carole McCune

    Nicely done! Yoga will never be quite the same, assuming I can get up and down from the mat since my hip surgery! Hummm…does that make me a lame dame?

  • Jingle

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  • happyflowerwordzoo002

    So comprehendo, there are times people seem to communicate an interior animal presenting, like you brought topic up. Thanks for post.

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