The Red Truck

I was in the crosswalk heading from the parking lot into the store. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a red truck barreling down on me. I felt the irritation rise and slowed my pace. Go on, I thought. Hit me asshole. The truck came to a stop at the last moment. I continued into the store, aggravated.

I finished my shopping and strolled toward the exit. Down the aisle a familiar face appeared. It was a coworker that I got along with well.

“I saw that truck almost run you over at the crosswalk!” He exclaimed.

“I know!” I said. “What an asshole! I even slowed down to make him stop.”

My coworker burst out laughing. “Did you really? Why didn’t you look up? I kept thinking to myself, Look up. Look up.

I paused for a moment confused. It suddenly dawned on me. “That was you?!” He nodded, and I laughed.

“I was thinking, What an asshole, and it was you the whole time messing with me.”

“I kept trying to get your attention,” he said. “I kept hoping you would just look up.”

“Ahh, sometimes I have blinders on, don’t see what’s right in front of me.”

We talked and laughed for a while more before we went our separate ways. As I headed for my car it occurred to me that sometimes, if you just look up, you’ll discover that things are not what they appear.

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